Monday, December 29, 2008

New Hair!!!

Ok.... so i finally did it! I CUT MY HAIR! I was trying to grow it out but i got so sick of doing it every morning so i decited randomly that i wanted to cut my hair..... SHORT! I got it in a bob. I also tried hightlights.... I never knew how much they added to your hair! Thanks Teresa!

Monday, December 8, 2008


This year at state i really wanted to do a humor piece. So i thought to myself whats better that than the old SNL skit Hyper - Hypo?!? It took a lot of work and a lot of help but we felt we had it good enough. We got 2nd at districts but state is a different story. We were competing against 32 other groups that were really good! I didnt think we made it to semi- finals mostly because we screwed up our 1st round and the judge looked angry the whole time. But we made it! And then WE MADE IT TO FINALS!!! i was so excited but really nervous! I didnt think we were good enough. Our final round was in one word AMAZING!! the crowd of over 60 people never stopped laughing! We knew we placed but didnt know what ranking. Then the judge called out our name and i went skipping across the stage to receive our 3rd place metals. I was SO SO SO SO excited i finally proved myself to other people in drama and so forth. We were competing against some other people in our school and they didnt place. It was hard not to be over ecstatic but we still made peace with the other teams. The people that got 1st cheated and got away with it. And the people that got 2nd ..... annoying. So im wondering what went though the judges heads but hey we placed!
Our school placed third too! we always get 1st at districts but hardly ever place a t state. This year we got a new teacher so we worked our hardest and made him proud. The best part about winning this year was that the trophy we had wasn't docs.... but it was ours.

Sophie's 2nd year

So im not a person that really believes in giving your dog a birthday party. Partly because they really dont care. But i do think its fun to give them a treat or let them go off and play with all their friends. BUT we were at the cabin and you know that everyone celebrates at the cabin! When i put the cake in front of her and told her to leave it, she felt like it was pure tourcher and whined all about it. finally she dug in. but she was polite and only at half =) it was a carrot peanutbutter cate with creamcheese frosting.Its hard to think that it was 3 years ago that i brought home a little Auborouzer puppie.

Giving Thanks

Long time no posts so ill try to catch up. For Thanksgiving the family went down to Arizona to go to the cabin and visit grandma. I never liked the 16 hour drive because i get really car sick, and my long legs need to be stretched! Sophie went with us. And for the 1st time she had car sickness. No messes to clean up though. I was really tired when we started to travel because i just got done with drama districts where i placed 2nd. Finally we got to the cabin. For some reason the cabin had always been scary to me and mariams little clown prank didnt make it any better. Im fine when its daytime but at night my heart beats fast. to say the least sophie who is never allowed to sleep in my bed at home was next to me every single night. Going to vist grandma was kinda like hitting a wall. Her memory was really bad by the time she left Idaho but i didnt know how bad it got. She was empty inside. I dont know how to describe it but her eyes had nothing in them. No.... nothing.
She lost a lot of weight and hadno recation to us or sophie.It was really hard. At my last visit she told me that she was helping grandma. And she was going to come. WOW she acctully said something it was better sweet of course. It was her best day. ( and we told her if grandma comes you go with her) It was kinda amazing what was there and what wasnt. She didnt like it if people were crying. It bothered her a lot. It showed that she was slightly still there. But it was hard to see her like that.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Mariam?

5 things on my to-do list today:
( I guess I should have a to-do list hmmmm)
1. go to school early to study for the government test
2. talk to andrew about our drama comp.
3. go get new notebooks
4. finish the 70 questions for anatomy and physiology
5. take sophie for a walk

My 5 favorite snacks:
1. sour candies
2. chocolate anything
3. gummies
5. anything really

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire:
1. buy a nice house with LOTS of land around it....
2. rescue as many aussies/collies as my land can hold
3. train and then sell the aussies/ collies
4. Open my own clinic not far away....with heated floors "]
5. Bank it

5 places I have lived:

1. Pocatello, ID
2. ........
3. ........
4. .......
5. pre-mortal life

5 jobs I have had:
1. Vet clinic
2. uh.... babysitting
3. i trained my friends dog for 20 $ once
4. mowed lawns
5. ... oh IDK

5 people I tag:
1. Mariam
2. Amanda
3. Neener
4. Angela
5. Brado

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dogs,dogs,and more dogs!

As you all know animals have always been an important part of my life. Partly because we always had dogs around growing up. The first dog in my life was Hanna. Hanna was basically one of my best friends when I was little. I can remember on my birthdays I would blow out my candles and wish that Hanna would have babies. Haha if only I knew that she could NEVER have them! I could have made a better wish! The first time I ever experienced death was when Hanna was put down. It was really hard on me. I lost my best friend. Hanna had a severe infection, and she wouldn't let anyone treat it. She was fat, she stunk, and I loved her.

The next dogs we got were two adorable toy poodles. A white one named Dasie and a black/white one named Dottie. To say the least they haven't really been an impact in my life. It’s not my fault (cough , cough, Amanda ) I never really got to do anything with them. And when I did get the chance i realized they couldn't really do anything cool besides run in circles! Dottie is a sweet heart and always has; Dasie on the other hand is uhh...... special?Sugar....... sugar really isn't my dog but i am her mama. We got Sugar at the farmers market for Amanda. The lady said that they were Lab/Rott mix. Sugar really was the cutest puppy EVER. because she was total fluff and always wanted to please. She still has those iris eyes that are so beautiful. Now she is huge but has a big heart.

Almost 2 years ago I was looking through the thrifty nickel and saw that someone had collie/aussie/ schnauzer mix puppies. Low and behold it was fate. I don't know anyone who cant be happy around a puppy. Puppies are pure happiness. As humans i think we are all attracted to baby anything. Puppies are cute because they snuggle, suck on you fingers,puppy breath, sweet musty feet, their cute little wet noses, and make they make cute little noises. Sophie was the WORST puppy ever. She put me through a lot of stress. But now i couldn't ask for a better dog. She has helped me in so many ways. I have (somewhat) learned that losing your temper does no good when trying to accomplish something. That sometimes we all just need to relax and go for a walk. My friends call Sophie my baby.... and i guess some kid in drama actually thought i had a baby! All I can say is I LOVE MY Ausaborauzer! To say the least i cant see myself with out a dog for the rest of my life!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


So i just got back from riding me bike. I rode to century for play rehearsal. So its about 11miles so i knew it wouldn't be that bad. Then after a 4 hour rehearsal the last thing i wanted to do is bike home. the lactic acid was turning and my muscles were burning, that when i started to realize a few things. not doing sports for 2 years have put me so out of shape. i don't think i have ever worked that hard( BTW it was mostly all up hill.) 2. Im glad i have a good bike.3. im way lucky to have flippen sweet friends who will go biking with me ( Andrew) and most of all how luck i am to live here. we started to ride back after a big rain storm. The air was sp clean and crist.I dont know why but i like that cold wind not to cold but just cold enough that makes you have that natural blush.I relized that i do live in a beautiful town. sure its not the prettyist by far, nevertheless its still pretty. Have you ever felt that natural buz you get after you exercize? How happy you feel?I love that feeling. well this post really has no meaning to it at all besides i just relized a few things. so ya.... ha!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1 in the morning......

Ha so my friend Kelsey and I were baby sitting for these flippen rich people ( nine bedrooms, 3 kitchens, each kid has own playroom, AMAZING HOUSE) and there came a point where we started to get a little crazy eh? hahahhaa so funny! so we took over 267 pictures of that night! we jumped off this stole onto a HUGE bean bag thing! It looks like we are floting! We also took like 7 vedios and this is one of them.... ha oh man that night was on night i will never forget!

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So basicly i love football games...... i dont know anything about the sport or what means what but i love getting ready for the games anf being with friends! It was SO much fun! This band this tear like totally rocks too! But ya the homecoming game was amazing and i know it sounds weird but century almost won, I know crazy right? But its true! hahahahah It was a blast! i had a 2 different outfits and oh man were they crazy! Ha mom is right behind me telling how to spell! UH HO! somethings wrong there!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My hero.................

So... It has taken me a while to write about the passing of Grandpa Fuller. Mostly i wanted to think about what i wanted to write. Grandpa Fuller was truly an amazing man to me. He ALWAYS stood tall and was steadfast in the Gospel. He taught me so many things and gave me many stories of inspiration. Grandpa always wanted to be a vet. He went to school but was drafted into WW II and never returned to school. Even though he didn't become a vet he gave many services to animals of his own and to friends. Some stories are pretty dang disgusting but hey it got the job done. I received his vet kit he had. there is no way i could use it today, but that old rusty, heavy, broken box is amazing to me. The one sentence i will never forget is : never give up and finish school. I was glad that i was able to make him proud when he found out i was able to do a Jr. vet internship at BAMC, and continue my goal in becoming a vet .Growing up my family had 2 places to go to during our visits to AZ : the cabin, and the ranch. My favorite by far was the ranch. Its not that i didn't like the cabin. But the ranch had horses, cows, and chickens! truth be told i just have too much of my mom in me "] .... The ranch truly did give me my passion for animals. My mom said i always had a way with animals .... even when i was 6 months old ( the horses loved me ) but i can always remember waking up to zipper ( horse ) waiting for me out side every morning to go riding, and the one morning i didn't go riding he had fun with a huge bag of flour sitting on the porch. My grandpa gave me and his family these opportunity's on the ranch because it was a" safe haven"as he would put it. That during the last days or when we were in trouble that the ranch would be a save haven for us.I always thought family didn't appreciate the ranch enough. to be truthfully honest...... the ranch is my most favorite place ever! minus the nats and bugs and its heaven! it has a simple yet divine beauty about it. I miss you grandpa! ill see you one day. Thank you so much for the opportunity's you gave me! I Love you!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

So i would like to put my input about this little mutt! I was the one who found him at the local shelter, and told Mariam. I just want to say : I believed in you from the start boy! I'm glad things worked out for you! I think your cute..... even if you do eat things of mine :]

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Ha so Mariam and i took a walk just about every evening so we could not only enjoy the beauty of the cabins environment, but also about boys! hehehe"] any ways one night Mariam pointed out a fox! it was so cool! but also sad that there was a wild animal living in town. anyways about 20 feet from were the fox was i stoped and said " Mariam baby foxes!" she didnt believe me until i pointed them out! i ran back to the cabin and got a couple of pictures of the baby fox kittens ( inside joke) . then we were walking down the path and the mama was stalking us! Mariam just about peed her pants! she thought i wasn't being serious enough about a small fox following us. ha she was just following us to make sure were wouldnt hurt her baby's that's all. Ha it is a good memory fosho!

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So..... this trip to Arizona has two sides one side i will cover right now. OK.... so my dear , dear sister Mariam thought it would be funny to play the clown with a knife in its hand trick....( read her blog ) but in reality! that thing has ALWAYS scared the crap out of me! And then to make things better it stayed in the closet/storage unit that was in our bedroom. well every time before i would go to bed i would walk over to the closet and the lock would be unlocked EVERY night!!!! Im sorry thats just plain out disturbing!

I had a fun time giving kate... ok sorry K, princess hair every morning :] it was always fun to see her reaction!

Swinging was an every day activity! there were two swings. but the hammock was sooo relaxing! i can remember going to the cabin and laying down in the hammock and looking up and realizing i couldn't see the tops of those tall , tall trees. well i had the opportunity to swing with kate and telling her to look up... her reaction was priceless.... a lot of ohhh.... hooo, woooah....:]

Feeding the ducks...... thats what we did! i dont know what to write about it except for that we fed the ducks!

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

So.........Lysh is my best besty in the whole wide world! So we like to do random , and weird makeovers sometimes! this one didn't really have a theme we just went for it! We had so much fun and took over 130 pictures if it! It a a blast.... we do this just about every Friday! hehe its way fun! She is such a beautiful girl! like seriously her teeth are amazing. Not like ina freaky way ... but she does floss every day! "]

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My life over the last two years. "]

Sunday, March 30, 2008

We had glamor shots for YW!
Way Way FUN!!!!

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