Saturday, July 23, 2011

My sister loves me, even if I have 5 fingers...

Because I live with my sister ;) I get to go shopping with her in Logan.  We are usually going for one store ( HOBBY LOBBY AKA- BEST place EVER) but continue our outing at other stores nearby.  For my birthday this year I got a pair of 5 finger shoes! They really are the BEST shoes ever!  Sure they look weird, but they are AMAZING! The only problem is that not only are they weird, but bright blue and yellow! So along with my overalls I was sporting that day I looked rather “ interesting “ haha. We were leaving TJ Maxx when there was this lady walking in with UGLY 5 inch platform shoes and butt shorts. I turned to Mariam and said, “Look at those shoes! Who would wear those?”  She replied with  something along the lines of“ Yep they are probably looking at you and thinking the same thing.” I totally forgot. Maybe I need to look past the shoes and see people for who they really are… ;) hahaha. Regardless when we were walking to the car she said she loved me even though I had 5 fingers. How lucky am I?

Well the best shoes ever do have a con. I have a blisters on the bottom of my big toe!  I just randomly decided to run to the seminary building and back, and when I got there I though, “ SNAP… Im going to hurt after.” It was a good 30 min run, but you try walking with blisters on the bottoms of your feet! However, they are awesome running shoes! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pride and the Atonement of Christ( with the importance of daily reading.)

I got a call today, a REALLY random call. Iv pondered it for the whole day. Im in no way trying to boast...just sharing my thoughts....Well, I didnt recognize the number so I didnt answer, but then I got a text. An old friend I haven't heard from for over a year wanted to " just talk ". He had done some things he wasnt proud of. He stopped going to church and felt like he could never come back. He kept talking about his past and friends. He blamed them for everything that had happened. When he was done I asked him one question. How long has it been since you have read your scriptures? He said a long time, but that didnt have anything to do with it. haha ya...right... A connection I commonly see with people is, lack of scripture = lack of good choices. Lack of good choices can bring eternal consequences. This is when the adversary can work his magic. What some people see as sorrow... i see as plain out PRIDE. I asked my friend if he thought he could be forgiven. He said no. So i kinda started talking about other people we commonly knew who had done some of the same things. I asked him if he thought they had been forgiven, he answered yes, but with him its different. I then said, then what makes you feel like YOU are so special that the atonement cant heal you but everyone else. Thats not sorrow and guilt, although a faction of it is. When we wont allow ourselves to be healed and be forgiving through the atonement of Christ it is our choice to be miserable. Its your pride taking over the joy you could have. I dont think my friend really appreciated what I said.( it wasnt really nice... but hey... im blunt ) Some hurts and cuts are so deep that they can only be healed with help from higher power. It reminded me of how not only important but essential the scriptures are in our lives. Not only does it help guide us down the path of eternal salvation, revelation, but draws us closer to our heavenly father and savior. Its daily scripture study that keeps you on the same station as the spirit, making it less tempting to sin. I mean let face it, we all sin, its the natural man. BUT we are never alone when we repent. Jesus Christ suffered all for us. He stood in our place and took upon himself our name so that we could repent and take upon ourselves his name. He knows ever sorrow every hurt. He knows what its like when your grandma died, when your bunny ran away, that dance in HS you never went to, hangnails, and that REALLY bad paper cut you got last week. The atonement of Christ can and will heal everything because He has suffered everything. May we all use the atonement daily. Its continual process, and it takes work. Its so worth it though. Remember, we see ourselves in terms of today and yesterday, but heavenly father sees us in terms of forever. We have greater potential then we can even imagine. Lets not let pride keep us away from our divine future!

I LOVE this picture. Look at the sheep and its imperfections. It reminds me ...well... of me haha. But that no matter my imperfections, he will always love me and rejoice

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Haha no, Im nor bitter... Im not "sparky" ;). It just seems like this one event gets brought up ALL the time. At the beginning of march I wrote all my missionaries and basically it was a huge rant. I went something like. " Dear Elder, Boys suck, dating sucks, good luck dating when you get home because it sucks!" HAHA now, I feel REALLY bad about it. My letters never have anything negative in them, so the letters I got back were frantic asking me if I was okay. Okay so I really do feel bad about it! Although I do feel like I had a right at that time.

Growing up my brothers were expected to open doors, give up their jacket, and be overall respectful to women of all ages. I thought this is what all boys did especial in the church.... I thought...

I know we all have out horrid dating experiences I just had a lot of them that month. I had a guy once we were in the car tell me I was too tall and that it wouldn't work out. We didnt get out of the parking lot, another guy when on our date said I was too tall, another that I was too big, then I had a guy that at the end of the date literally jumped on top of me ( perve ). Within those months i had a really good date. The kid opened the door for me, and was just genuine. I knew he wasnt going to try anything and was just overall respectful. So here is the questions.... what happened to chivalry? Its not that big of a hassle right?

1. Just open the door for her.
- I had a boyfriend that refused to open the door for me... because he didnt see the need. It was annoying. Its something so little, but shows character.

2. Dont gossip.
- Makes you think what hes going to say about you.

3. Dont try to suck on my face.
- What makes you think I want to kiss you back? Really?!? Its the first date!

4. Dont wait more than a week to ask her out again.
- the longer we wait the more ticked off we get haha.

5. Get over your problems.
- I dont want to know about your past or present porn, depression,suicidal,drug, or ex girl friend problems. To be honest the girl probably already knows... when you talk about it.. its SOOO awkward.... and really, nothing makes a girl creeped out more when you are talking about your porn problems. I understand its a big problem now... but it makes you want to cover yourself in a blanket and hide under the table.

6. If the girl is playing a " game " drop her.
-Guys complain of girls playing " games " I think it goes both ways... Im just blunt... haha

7. PAY
-Some girls say they feel bad. I totally dont. Haha i feel its the guys responsibility! Again... I had a boyfriend who made me pay for dinner... I guess there gets a certain point in a relationship where you can split things, but at the beginning its all you.

8. Not too much $$$
- Makes me feel awkward and bad if the food is expensive or event. Keep it simple. =) One date we painted rocks... really... how cool is that? I totally loved it! Plus I know a lot of girls really do like walks.

So no, not all boys suck. I have some amazing friends who treat me with respect even though they dont even have too! And I have been on 3 dates with guys who do the same.... BUT come on boys! Its not like one date really means anything. Just have fun, dont freak out, dont play games, and be a gent =)

I actually do enjoy dating. You get to meet new people and have fun! Its interesting how people are so different. Im not bitter, I just dont understand why jerks are out numbering gentlemen. Again... im not being sparky ;) haha. I REALLY do feel bad. More guys need to get off their bums and go on date ( cough cough....JOSH ) Although girls are MEAN these days! We girls need to do our part also, I totally understand... how about we just meet common ground? =) Haha this article was SO funny! Girls were freaking out haha. Lets just keep calm and carry on =)

Weddings, Birthdays, Camping, DTR, and Mission Calls.

Well as you know, I LOVE photography. I love doing things a little rustic and…well… lizzy’ish. I had a wonderful opportunity to be a photographer for a wedding at the Idaho Falls temple on June 18! I took Courtney along as my assistant photographer and we had a BLAST! The bride and groom were fun and really a joy to work with. Best wedding by far! The Idaho Falls temple’s grounds were under construction =/ WHO DOESN’T love dirt and backhoes in their wedding pictures?! ? I was grateful that they left a little patch for us to work with! Other than that we just went across the river and got some great shots!

Its July! That means it is birthday month at the Cadys! I had a really good birthday! We went four wheeling, made a lot of cotton candy, and went to the fairgrounds with great friends! That weekend we celebrated along with Annie for her birthday. It was fun! Courtney and Judd came and we played some pretty fantastic music! Im so blessed to have great people around me and my family! BUTTTTTTTT We have a new birthday in the family!My nephew Cooper was born 14 of July 6lbs 8 oz 20.25in! Im so excited for my brother and his family to come visit so I can snuggle the little guy… and probably take pictures =)

If you know me, you know I LOVE to camp! Its always been a joy of mine. I love being in the middle of no where, seeing gods creations, and knowing that he is close. Recently I took a trip back to Samlon where I lived and worked last summer. It was fun to be back, but the misquotes were HORRENDOUS! 62 bites on ONE leg. A kid from England also came with. Some of the craziest things happened. Our tent door would shut, and when it did, the zipper would break. After we got it zipped and killed the 50+ misquotes in the tent this kid pulls a HAMBURGER out of his pocket…. I truly don’t know what he was thinking. I was thinking why didn’t we just pour lard around our tent and pray that the bears and cats come quick. Goodness haha. We got to go down the river and it was like the good ole time. I love the river although it scares me SO much! We didn’t get out hiking in, but that’s okay. I got to see one of my best friends Brian at his reception! We actually met last summer and kept in touch. His wife is gorgeous and they look uber happy! Im so happy for them!

This summer has truly been the summer of DTR… DTR (determine the relationship) AKA- do you feel how I feel? = Probably the most awkward thing in the world. Iv had to give the full-on DTR“ friend “ talk to 3 guys, this summer alone, and the whole… I really just see you as a friend and I don’t want to hurt your feelings so im just going to keep calling you a friend and hope you don’t create any more feelings! Talk with many, many more guys this summer. The worst was when a guy wouldnt stop and I got kinda mean with him and said. I DONT AND I WILL NEVER LIKE YOU OR BE ATTRACTED TO YOU! He replied with," Its okay, I like the chase."...barf.... DTR is just awkward. You usually don’t know for sure how the other person feels, and lets face it. Who wants to put themselves out there? I got MY 1st I only see you as a friend talk. Pretty weird haha now I know how they feel haha. Although its not like I didn’t see it coming. However it is SO nice. I mean really. The wondering and the trying to read their mind and know what they think is SO annoying. Just add another name to the land of no return friend list and get on with life. Adele was my friend that night as I pretty much listened to her album over and over haha. No worries =) Im thankful for amazing friends!

COURTNEY GOT HER MISSON CALL!!!!! That’s right! My best friend is going on a mission! Im so excited for her and everything she will accomplish! She had to wait FOREVER! Like a moth for her call to come! It drove me crazy! Then she waited forever to open it….again…. I was going CRAZY! During church I just couldn’t handle it! Well Courtney is going to the Anchorage Alaska mission! =D Im so excited for her! She hopes to ride a bobsled! I don’t see why not =)

Life is awesome and crazy! My summer is almost over, but I can still live! Andrew, Gregory, and Brock are doing amazing on their missions and their letters inspire and strengthen me every time. Lets just say… Im blessed =)