Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I love to see the temple... Ill go inside someday.

So, part of the reason I came to USU, was the Logan temple. It is so beautiful, and has some amazing history/stories. Its so close to campus too! I thought I was going to be able to go all the time! I was able to attend the IF temple regularly, because of their amazing walk in system. Logan, however, does not have a walk in system. The lines open at 11:30, and I can tell you what goes down. You call the temple and they lady tells you the lines are all full, and to call back. You keep calling because if you dont get in by noon all the spots are full. Thats only thirty minutes! So you keep calling, and the lady keeps getting irritated, because you and many others keep calling. Well I have my fingers crossed because for the last 2 months I havent been able to get a spot. I think I'll write a letter or something. Its sad that people cant go to the temple because all the " spots " are full. If they had earlier hours I would totally take advantage of that! Humm we will see! Because of that I can see the temple... someday ill get a spot, and i can go inside haha. Pray with me! =)

Well... We shall give this a try.. no facebook

So I realized that I was spending way too much time on good ole' Facebook. Not to mention I have many exams this week, and FB was too much of a temptation. FB however, really is evil. I keep getting emails of them reminding me that I can come back at anytime. They send me pictures that I was tagged in and say " Kevin misses you" Or the name of whoever tagged me in their photo haha. Its not as easy as I thought it would be. Sometimes I just want to go on, and waste some time. Pathetic right? Yep, I need a life! Ill probably get back, but I need some rehab time. So, if I miss your birthday, I'm sorry... I had no way of knowing it was your birthday... =) Anyways, that is the story! Text me haha