Thursday, April 28, 2011



One thing I do when Im stressed is jam out until my fingers cant take anymore. I usually come up with some song, but I never write it down or remember it. I remembered this one though. I jammed for a good 2 hours last night. This was the song. Its not very good, and the chords are basic, but I love it. I love the Savior and all he does for me. I am so blessed to know if his life and goodness. =)

Out on a ship traveling with glee
Soon comes a big storm that changes the sea
from a pretty blue to an ugly grayish green
Out here in the big wide sea, no one but me

Where can I flee
When I cant see
My heart is turned to thee

And the world turns its back on you and me
It wants to turn us into that ugly grayish green
Why cant we just stay blue
have smooth sailing the whole way through
Whats the key to life's big mystery

Where can I flee
When I cant even see
Oh Jesus savior pilot me

Thinking I was free
Away from it all
Now I dont feel big at all, I feel rather small
Help me, take the wheel, I trust in thee
Oh savior Jesus pilot me

Clam waters come and go
This life is like a game show
Sometimes I feel the storms bring me low
Though I know tempests come to help me grow

I know I can be free
In the big wide open sea
from the love thou has shown to me
I may be small, but with you thats not true at all
I dont cave to cry, I dont have to crawl
Ill put all my trust and faith in thee
Oh savior Jesus pilot

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

U4, Pumpkin Cookies, and Stalker

Well, it seems my new thing is pumpkin cookies. BUT I can only make them in Logan. They dont turn out right in Poky. Anyways one can of pumpkin makes a TON of cookies! I had to make a lot for institute, but baked more than I needed. So, I am grateful for the boys in U4. Not only are they awesome, but they will eat my cookies. Then my stalker, stalked me today...again. Im ready for school to be over. Hopefully I never see him again, even though he thinks God wants us to get married... haha anyways Jesus loves you all =)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coconut Passion & Tender Mercies

So, Im stressed, Im really stressed. Im at the point where I feel like sleep is a waste of 8 good hours I should use to study. I found something that helps me though. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Victoria Secret, and their secret garden body spray collection.

There has been a new addition to the garden. Its called coconut passion. It smells like warm vanilla and coconut. So basically it smells amazing. Im thinking its even better than pure seduction ( the most popular BY FAR of the garden collection.) Anyways, when Im stressed I spray a little coconut passion and I relax. Its nice =) Helps me clear my mind, and get back to the books. Its almost like vicks... another calmer of mine haha... ya im kinda weird. =)

So I was sitting here in the TSC being really stressed and working on my English paper, when I saw a familiar face. PATRICK! Really, who doenst know Patrick? He is a young man who works with special needs who works in the HUB. He is everyones friend. I looked up and smiled at him. He said, " well hello friend!." I couldnt help but laugh. He came over, moved my feet off a chair, and sat down. He was asking me how I was, and thats about all of a conversation that he knows how to handle. So I asked the little prankster if he was staying out of trouble. For the first time I saw him get serious. He said,"THEY ARE KEEPING ME TO BUSY FOR TROUBLE!" haha. We then talked about his summer. He is going to Chicago and he promised me that he would get a hot dog haha. He then told me thanks and said, " dont try to study too hard! " Patrick brought a little ray of sunshine into my day. It was dearly needed. So I thank the Lord, for sending me his tender little mercies, this time by the form of an angel, when my sky is grey.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Stayin alive... kinda... =/

Well.... Its dead week. Let me tell ya, I already feel dead. Im seriously stressing this one out. I have a research paper due tomorrow for revising, A lifespan paper about dying and the physiological affects, and a 60 page chapter to read about old people.The most stressful part is math. Oh how I hate math... with a passion! My problem is I can remember something for a test, then forget most of it. Trying to do some of these practice finals are making no sense. I basically live at the math lab.

On a brighter side, institute was amazing today! Then again the book of Moroni is pretty amazing within itself. Brother Larson did this thing with random numbers on a ball. When the ball was thrown to you, you looked to see what number your right thumb landed on.That number sent us somewhere in Moroni and then you had to testify of what was taught. After that you had to throw the ball to two other people ( ones who dont really comment ) and get 2 other whitenesses. Sure it sounds a little like seminary, but it was a powerful lesson. Brother Larsen has a different approach to teaching. It seems to work for me. I love it =)

After school I'm going home, and working as a developmental therapist. I hope I can get the hang of things. Kinda hoping to get some shadowing hours in also. We will see what happens. Its weird to think that I'm almost done with my first year of college. Im not ready to leave. Might sound weird, but I wish it would last a little longer. None of this final stuff. Iv made a lot of new friends within a month, and we will probably never see each other again! haha anyways... thats life right now. I deactivated my FB again, so yep... comment or text =) Jesus loves you!