Monday, April 25, 2011

Stayin alive... kinda... =/

Well.... Its dead week. Let me tell ya, I already feel dead. Im seriously stressing this one out. I have a research paper due tomorrow for revising, A lifespan paper about dying and the physiological affects, and a 60 page chapter to read about old people.The most stressful part is math. Oh how I hate math... with a passion! My problem is I can remember something for a test, then forget most of it. Trying to do some of these practice finals are making no sense. I basically live at the math lab.

On a brighter side, institute was amazing today! Then again the book of Moroni is pretty amazing within itself. Brother Larson did this thing with random numbers on a ball. When the ball was thrown to you, you looked to see what number your right thumb landed on.That number sent us somewhere in Moroni and then you had to testify of what was taught. After that you had to throw the ball to two other people ( ones who dont really comment ) and get 2 other whitenesses. Sure it sounds a little like seminary, but it was a powerful lesson. Brother Larsen has a different approach to teaching. It seems to work for me. I love it =)

After school I'm going home, and working as a developmental therapist. I hope I can get the hang of things. Kinda hoping to get some shadowing hours in also. We will see what happens. Its weird to think that I'm almost done with my first year of college. Im not ready to leave. Might sound weird, but I wish it would last a little longer. None of this final stuff. Iv made a lot of new friends within a month, and we will probably never see each other again! haha anyways... thats life right now. I deactivated my FB again, so yep... comment or text =) Jesus loves you!