Friday, August 26, 2011

Why Im at ISU and not USU

So a lot of people have been wondering why I am at ISU instead of USU. Here is the down low. Got to part B if you want to here the story, go to part C if you want the summary.
B:  I LOVE USU. Still do, always will. Its an amazing school with a wholesome environment. Well I came home to Pocatello for the summer. I was SO happy to be in poky. I loved my ward, great calling, great friends, and people genuinely liked me for being me haha. I was more than excited to get back to the beautiful land of Logan, UT though. I went to go make sure everything was okay with residency. The lady talking to me was being rude, and was kinda “ out to get me” even though I did everything required. She wanted more than she told me to give her ( I had been talking to her since December to make sure I would have everything). I felt attacked and I was angry haha. Well I went to the library to write up everything she “needed” and I was just extremely frustrated.  Then I got the thought that maybe I should just  “ give up” . However I said HECK NO! Because I worked so hard to get everything I needed for that  next year! I was going to study abroad, take upper level classes I had to get petitioned, and well… it just a TON of work …okay?  Haha. Anyways I stopped to think and went outside and found myself at the institute. I kept feeling like it would be okay to just drop everything and leave UT. I couldn’t! I love it at USU! Well then my Mom calls. I know right? She was crying and said it wasn’t worth it, and that I needed to come home and figure something out, like BYU-I ( Hahah FUNNY mom!) . Right after that I saw my favorite institute teacher he sat next to me and asked why I had a sad spirit. Haha love the guy. I was telling him what was going on and he looked at me and said what do you feel? I said go to ISU… BUT I HATE it there! He then said, well if you are supposed to be there, then why are you going to let your pride take you away from the work the lord has in store for you there? That’s not the Lizzy Cady I know. We both know he will provide, you just have to take a couple steps into the darkness and call out his name. He then patted my head , told me to send him a wedding/mission announcement and left. To say the least now Im an emotional wreak. I get in my car and just yelll… at God… poor guy.. haha. He wanted me to go to USU. I went, and now he wants me to go and make another life in Pocatello? And at ISU? They don’t have a good special education program , and they don’t even offer equestrian! But once I got to the swamps on my way to Garland, I felt total peace. I knew my heavenly father was very aware of my situation, and that he had everything under control ( where was my faith right?”) I was still upset about all the hard work going down the drain, but knew I would be directed in the right direction. My initial thought was, I’ll just get a job and go to BYU-I in the winter.. I really didn’t want to go to ISU... Well Before I went into my sisters house I said a quick prayer. Just saying I will go and do, but I need directions. No just doing what felt right,  I NEEDED to know. Well I went inside got on the computer and looked up ISU… weird. Haha I can honestly say I NEVER heard or thought of occupational therapy before. So, I looked it up. It seemed a better fit then even special education. Then my advisor from USU called and she said, well you wanted to do animal assisted therapy right? I would still go into special education, although, if they have therapy there like occupational or developmental psychology I would look into that. PRAISE THE LORD! I felt happy about that! Then Courtney called and said she has a friend wanting to do occupational therapy so she could be an animal assisted therapist. So I figured I had some direction. I called up my pa and told him everything that was going on. He told me to go ahead and apply to ISU and get that all figured out. The application process was frustrating. Technically I wasn’t a resident  of ANY state.  However after many phone calls everything went through smoothly. Then I waited and waited to be admitted. Next I had to worry about housing. I needed to sell my contract in Logan ASAP to find and pay for a place in Pocatello. I was really stresses but that night was the stake temple trip. I went and It was a wonderful experience. I was really comforted. When I came back to the car I had 7 people wanting my contract. One was an old friend from Logan! I was happy I could help her out! BLESSINGS! The next day I was still waiting. My dad came home from a meeting and said I needed to call this guy I called him up and talked to him about my goals and plan of action. He seemed really impressed. He then explained everything to me then said he was going to set me up a meeting with another guy who would help with my classes. He would e-mail me paper work to fill out so the meeting would go smoother and faster, also he was going to contact all the people who do animal assisted therapy around the area and tell them about me and let them know I would be contacting them. He said with all the experience and shadowing sign offs I could shave a year off my degree. WAHOO! Now it seems like ISU would give me WAY more experience than USU ever could! Well, school started in 4 days and I needed to register for classes ( I was freaking out ). I called admissions and they said it would take 7 to 10 days. I couldn’t wait that long! So I called Daddy haha. He took me to a lady name Pat. She was very sympathetic and asked me for my name, number, and social. Then she said, Ill go get you admitted right now! I was SO thankful! Five minutes later Pat called and said they didn’t have my transcript. WHAT!?! I sent it overnight express! She then gave me her cell phone number and told me to call her any time before midnight and also that she would call USU and get everything figured out. Well I called USU and found out that my transcript was delivered the other day and was signed off by an L. Alexander. I called pat around 8… I felt bad haha. She went back to the school found my transcript and got me admitted that day.( SUCH a blessing ) I was able to register for classes. I was on 18 wait lists just hoping one would open up! I still needed to look for housing though. My ward is AWESOME. Really, I love it. So I didn’t really want to leave. I had a ton of people looking for apt for me to keep me in the ward ( made me feel wanted haha ) Well I found a spot at hillside apartments! Its father away from campus than my parents’ house haha but it overall felt like a good choice. I am already beginning to see why I am supposed to live here.. I have awesome roommates too!  I was able to get into all the classes I needed and find my way around campus!  I am genuinely happy. I LOVE life ,and its going to get even better from here. Its one of the first times where I can see the lord’s hand in EVERYTHING. I mean, its crazy. He does provide a way. I know Jesus loves me. He loves you too! I love the gospel! Without it, I would be nothing but a lost, and sad girl. I am thee luckiest girl in the world!
C: God wants me here.