Monday, December 29, 2008

New Hair!!!

Ok.... so i finally did it! I CUT MY HAIR! I was trying to grow it out but i got so sick of doing it every morning so i decited randomly that i wanted to cut my hair..... SHORT! I got it in a bob. I also tried hightlights.... I never knew how much they added to your hair! Thanks Teresa!

Monday, December 8, 2008


This year at state i really wanted to do a humor piece. So i thought to myself whats better that than the old SNL skit Hyper - Hypo?!? It took a lot of work and a lot of help but we felt we had it good enough. We got 2nd at districts but state is a different story. We were competing against 32 other groups that were really good! I didnt think we made it to semi- finals mostly because we screwed up our 1st round and the judge looked angry the whole time. But we made it! And then WE MADE IT TO FINALS!!! i was so excited but really nervous! I didnt think we were good enough. Our final round was in one word AMAZING!! the crowd of over 60 people never stopped laughing! We knew we placed but didnt know what ranking. Then the judge called out our name and i went skipping across the stage to receive our 3rd place metals. I was SO SO SO SO excited i finally proved myself to other people in drama and so forth. We were competing against some other people in our school and they didnt place. It was hard not to be over ecstatic but we still made peace with the other teams. The people that got 1st cheated and got away with it. And the people that got 2nd ..... annoying. So im wondering what went though the judges heads but hey we placed!
Our school placed third too! we always get 1st at districts but hardly ever place a t state. This year we got a new teacher so we worked our hardest and made him proud. The best part about winning this year was that the trophy we had wasn't docs.... but it was ours.

Sophie's 2nd year

So im not a person that really believes in giving your dog a birthday party. Partly because they really dont care. But i do think its fun to give them a treat or let them go off and play with all their friends. BUT we were at the cabin and you know that everyone celebrates at the cabin! When i put the cake in front of her and told her to leave it, she felt like it was pure tourcher and whined all about it. finally she dug in. but she was polite and only at half =) it was a carrot peanutbutter cate with creamcheese frosting.Its hard to think that it was 3 years ago that i brought home a little Auborouzer puppie.

Giving Thanks

Long time no posts so ill try to catch up. For Thanksgiving the family went down to Arizona to go to the cabin and visit grandma. I never liked the 16 hour drive because i get really car sick, and my long legs need to be stretched! Sophie went with us. And for the 1st time she had car sickness. No messes to clean up though. I was really tired when we started to travel because i just got done with drama districts where i placed 2nd. Finally we got to the cabin. For some reason the cabin had always been scary to me and mariams little clown prank didnt make it any better. Im fine when its daytime but at night my heart beats fast. to say the least sophie who is never allowed to sleep in my bed at home was next to me every single night. Going to vist grandma was kinda like hitting a wall. Her memory was really bad by the time she left Idaho but i didnt know how bad it got. She was empty inside. I dont know how to describe it but her eyes had nothing in them. No.... nothing.
She lost a lot of weight and hadno recation to us or sophie.It was really hard. At my last visit she told me that she was helping grandma. And she was going to come. WOW she acctully said something it was better sweet of course. It was her best day. ( and we told her if grandma comes you go with her) It was kinda amazing what was there and what wasnt. She didnt like it if people were crying. It bothered her a lot. It showed that she was slightly still there. But it was hard to see her like that.