Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1 in the morning......

Ha so my friend Kelsey and I were baby sitting for these flippen rich people ( nine bedrooms, 3 kitchens, each kid has own playroom, AMAZING HOUSE) and there came a point where we started to get a little crazy eh? hahahhaa so funny! so we took over 267 pictures of that night! we jumped off this stole onto a HUGE bean bag thing! It looks like we are floting! We also took like 7 vedios and this is one of them.... ha oh man that night was on night i will never forget!

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So basicly i love football games...... i dont know anything about the sport or what means what but i love getting ready for the games anf being with friends! It was SO much fun! This band this tear like totally rocks too! But ya the homecoming game was amazing and i know it sounds weird but century almost won, I know crazy right? But its true! hahahahah It was a blast! i had a 2 different outfits and oh man were they crazy! Ha mom is right behind me telling how to spell! UH HO! somethings wrong there!