Monday, October 27, 2008

Dogs,dogs,and more dogs!

As you all know animals have always been an important part of my life. Partly because we always had dogs around growing up. The first dog in my life was Hanna. Hanna was basically one of my best friends when I was little. I can remember on my birthdays I would blow out my candles and wish that Hanna would have babies. Haha if only I knew that she could NEVER have them! I could have made a better wish! The first time I ever experienced death was when Hanna was put down. It was really hard on me. I lost my best friend. Hanna had a severe infection, and she wouldn't let anyone treat it. She was fat, she stunk, and I loved her.

The next dogs we got were two adorable toy poodles. A white one named Dasie and a black/white one named Dottie. To say the least they haven't really been an impact in my life. It’s not my fault (cough , cough, Amanda ) I never really got to do anything with them. And when I did get the chance i realized they couldn't really do anything cool besides run in circles! Dottie is a sweet heart and always has; Dasie on the other hand is uhh...... special?Sugar....... sugar really isn't my dog but i am her mama. We got Sugar at the farmers market for Amanda. The lady said that they were Lab/Rott mix. Sugar really was the cutest puppy EVER. because she was total fluff and always wanted to please. She still has those iris eyes that are so beautiful. Now she is huge but has a big heart.

Almost 2 years ago I was looking through the thrifty nickel and saw that someone had collie/aussie/ schnauzer mix puppies. Low and behold it was fate. I don't know anyone who cant be happy around a puppy. Puppies are pure happiness. As humans i think we are all attracted to baby anything. Puppies are cute because they snuggle, suck on you fingers,puppy breath, sweet musty feet, their cute little wet noses, and make they make cute little noises. Sophie was the WORST puppy ever. She put me through a lot of stress. But now i couldn't ask for a better dog. She has helped me in so many ways. I have (somewhat) learned that losing your temper does no good when trying to accomplish something. That sometimes we all just need to relax and go for a walk. My friends call Sophie my baby.... and i guess some kid in drama actually thought i had a baby! All I can say is I LOVE MY Ausaborauzer! To say the least i cant see myself with out a dog for the rest of my life!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


So i just got back from riding me bike. I rode to century for play rehearsal. So its about 11miles so i knew it wouldn't be that bad. Then after a 4 hour rehearsal the last thing i wanted to do is bike home. the lactic acid was turning and my muscles were burning, that when i started to realize a few things. not doing sports for 2 years have put me so out of shape. i don't think i have ever worked that hard( BTW it was mostly all up hill.) 2. Im glad i have a good bike.3. im way lucky to have flippen sweet friends who will go biking with me ( Andrew) and most of all how luck i am to live here. we started to ride back after a big rain storm. The air was sp clean and crist.I dont know why but i like that cold wind not to cold but just cold enough that makes you have that natural blush.I relized that i do live in a beautiful town. sure its not the prettyist by far, nevertheless its still pretty. Have you ever felt that natural buz you get after you exercize? How happy you feel?I love that feeling. well this post really has no meaning to it at all besides i just relized a few things. so ya.... ha!