Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's a Wedding!

February 18th the most amazing people ever got married! Haha, but for real! Mary is a sister missionary in the Pocatello, Idaho mission. I worked with for about a year. She is an amazing teacher, and I looked up to her a lot ( still do ) . I learned SO much from her. I learned how to become closer to the spirit when teaching, and how to help others recognize that spirit. Really, she trained me, without knowing she was training haha. I REALLY wanted her to marry my brother Josh, but I knew she was too hardcore for him. So, I got her reacquainted with one of my friends Brandon. He took us skeet shooting , and let us shoot his bow ( which I'm REALLY bad at ).

That trip was amazing! She came back to see a family she converted get sealed in the temple. It was a CRAZY awesome rode trip! And... I would keep bring up the subject of Brandon =) haha

Well, when Mary was coming to BYU-I from Rhode Island, Brandon few there to help her drive back! He said, it wasnt anything... but we all knew haha =) Hahah I knew it! They were going to get married =) I am so happy for them! They are both such amazing examples of Christ! They stupendous! Congratulations Mary and Brandon!

P.S- Everything happens for a reason. If Tyler Davis wouldnt of apologized to me, I never would of met Brandon, and never would of taken Mary to see him! Crazy huh? Thanks Ty!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission!!!

My twin Andrew Bringhurst finally got his mission call! Andrew and I have been friends for ever, and he has blessed my life tremendously. Andrew spent a year in Italy for foreign exchange during his sophomore year of high school, and is fluent in Italian. Andrew has become such an amazing young man, who is devoted to serving the lord. Not only did he let me take his mission photos, but he let me be there for the opening of his call. I dont think there was a dry eye in the room, because we all know how badly he wanted to go. When we heard that he was going to serve in the Rome, Italy mission, i think we all just cried in joy! He is going to be a powerhouse in the Rome mission for sure! Im so proud of you Andrew ( and extremely jealous haha )!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


February 2nd is now the official world ukulele day! What a grand day! I cant even begin describe how much the ukulele has impacted me. Sounds cheesy, but it has! So to all my ukulele players out there, HAPPY UKE DAY!

Well Mr. Gore... I think you meant global FREEZING!

Okay, so its freezing! Is it weird that when you wake up you think," Huh, it need to rise 27 degrees to be above freezing!". Now, thats just crazy! Well I hope that groundhog is right, and spring will come soon!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So, Utah State really is a great school. The campus is beautiful, and the professors are helpful... BUT the winter ... yep that's right... winter is horrid! Every morning its in the negatives or close to it. Why did I decide to take 7:30 AM classes? I have no idea! If its not that cold the wind will rip through any jacket you have on and make you want to die. I know I sound really dramatic right now, but Iv been home for 10 min and my face is still numb! Not cool... actually its too cool to be cool =) I just think its funny when its 30 degrees and everyone is just wearing a sweater or long sleeved shirt around campus... because, 30 degrees is WARM!

Aside from the cold,this week is CRAZY! I have 3 exams on Thursday! I know.. kill me now haha. Hoping I will do okay! Im only worried about my Math, and Marriage/Family relationships class. My Disabilities rehab class will be easy =) But ya! Then in the next 2 weeks I have 4 papers to write! I think Im gonna live in the library or something! Life is so crazy! Trying to figure things out, and all that! Trying to find a place to live during the summer, or trying to find a job, or just trying to get everything done.... oh ya... and boys...haha. Its just crazy right now! Although I made a goal to be in bed by 11 pm every night. Jess has totally held me to it! It seems like we go to bed even earlier now. Like last night I was in bed by 10:30. Yep thats right, Im a CRAZY college student! haha Keep it classy people, keep it classy.