Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's a Wedding!

February 18th the most amazing people ever got married! Haha, but for real! Mary is a sister missionary in the Pocatello, Idaho mission. I worked with for about a year. She is an amazing teacher, and I looked up to her a lot ( still do ) . I learned SO much from her. I learned how to become closer to the spirit when teaching, and how to help others recognize that spirit. Really, she trained me, without knowing she was training haha. I REALLY wanted her to marry my brother Josh, but I knew she was too hardcore for him. So, I got her reacquainted with one of my friends Brandon. He took us skeet shooting , and let us shoot his bow ( which I'm REALLY bad at ).

That trip was amazing! She came back to see a family she converted get sealed in the temple. It was a CRAZY awesome rode trip! And... I would keep bring up the subject of Brandon =) haha

Well, when Mary was coming to BYU-I from Rhode Island, Brandon few there to help her drive back! He said, it wasnt anything... but we all knew haha =) Hahah I knew it! They were going to get married =) I am so happy for them! They are both such amazing examples of Christ! They stupendous! Congratulations Mary and Brandon!

P.S- Everything happens for a reason. If Tyler Davis wouldnt of apologized to me, I never would of met Brandon, and never would of taken Mary to see him! Crazy huh? Thanks Ty!