Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pride and the Atonement of Christ( with the importance of daily reading.)

I got a call today, a REALLY random call. Iv pondered it for the whole day. Im in no way trying to boast...just sharing my thoughts....Well, I didnt recognize the number so I didnt answer, but then I got a text. An old friend I haven't heard from for over a year wanted to " just talk ". He had done some things he wasnt proud of. He stopped going to church and felt like he could never come back. He kept talking about his past and friends. He blamed them for everything that had happened. When he was done I asked him one question. How long has it been since you have read your scriptures? He said a long time, but that didnt have anything to do with it. haha ya...right... A connection I commonly see with people is, lack of scripture = lack of good choices. Lack of good choices can bring eternal consequences. This is when the adversary can work his magic. What some people see as sorrow... i see as plain out PRIDE. I asked my friend if he thought he could be forgiven. He said no. So i kinda started talking about other people we commonly knew who had done some of the same things. I asked him if he thought they had been forgiven, he answered yes, but with him its different. I then said, then what makes you feel like YOU are so special that the atonement cant heal you but everyone else. Thats not sorrow and guilt, although a faction of it is. When we wont allow ourselves to be healed and be forgiving through the atonement of Christ it is our choice to be miserable. Its your pride taking over the joy you could have. I dont think my friend really appreciated what I said.( it wasnt really nice... but hey... im blunt ) Some hurts and cuts are so deep that they can only be healed with help from higher power. It reminded me of how not only important but essential the scriptures are in our lives. Not only does it help guide us down the path of eternal salvation, revelation, but draws us closer to our heavenly father and savior. Its daily scripture study that keeps you on the same station as the spirit, making it less tempting to sin. I mean let face it, we all sin, its the natural man. BUT we are never alone when we repent. Jesus Christ suffered all for us. He stood in our place and took upon himself our name so that we could repent and take upon ourselves his name. He knows ever sorrow every hurt. He knows what its like when your grandma died, when your bunny ran away, that dance in HS you never went to, hangnails, and that REALLY bad paper cut you got last week. The atonement of Christ can and will heal everything because He has suffered everything. May we all use the atonement daily. Its continual process, and it takes work. Its so worth it though. Remember, we see ourselves in terms of today and yesterday, but heavenly father sees us in terms of forever. We have greater potential then we can even imagine. Lets not let pride keep us away from our divine future!

I LOVE this picture. Look at the sheep and its imperfections. It reminds me ...well... of me haha. But that no matter my imperfections, he will always love me and rejoice