Saturday, July 23, 2011

My sister loves me, even if I have 5 fingers...

Because I live with my sister ;) I get to go shopping with her in Logan.  We are usually going for one store ( HOBBY LOBBY AKA- BEST place EVER) but continue our outing at other stores nearby.  For my birthday this year I got a pair of 5 finger shoes! They really are the BEST shoes ever!  Sure they look weird, but they are AMAZING! The only problem is that not only are they weird, but bright blue and yellow! So along with my overalls I was sporting that day I looked rather “ interesting “ haha. We were leaving TJ Maxx when there was this lady walking in with UGLY 5 inch platform shoes and butt shorts. I turned to Mariam and said, “Look at those shoes! Who would wear those?”  She replied with  something along the lines of“ Yep they are probably looking at you and thinking the same thing.” I totally forgot. Maybe I need to look past the shoes and see people for who they really are… ;) hahaha. Regardless when we were walking to the car she said she loved me even though I had 5 fingers. How lucky am I?

Well the best shoes ever do have a con. I have a blisters on the bottom of my big toe!  I just randomly decided to run to the seminary building and back, and when I got there I though, “ SNAP… Im going to hurt after.” It was a good 30 min run, but you try walking with blisters on the bottoms of your feet! However, they are awesome running shoes! 


Mariam said...

It's true. I do love you :)