Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Its okay, I found another date...

Well, to start off, Im not bitter… just really frustrated. Am I fun?  I think I’m fun… I mean I like to do a lot of things and love social settings!  Im usually a happy, outgoing , random kind of girl…. Maybe Im  not…haha newsflash!!! Hahaha...One day I was in the institute building and this guy came and sat next to my table where I was studying for biology. I just looked over smiled and said, “hi!” We will call this guy John… because well… that’s his name haha ;) Well he is also taking the same biology class I am. He had a question so we began discussing. This kid seemed awesome. He was nice, funny, not bad to look at… seemed overall a good kid. When we were leaving he asked me out. To tell you the truth I was kinda surprised… didn’t see it coming at all. I agreed gave him my number and we went our separate ways. I was pretty excited for the date… he had some really fun ideas, and he really did seem like a good ole boy. Well later that week, on the day of the date, I was going to my room to figure out what to wear when my phone went off. It was a text from John. It said , “ Hey sorry but I found another date , so don’t worry about today.” WHAT THE HECK!?!  Where did that even come from right? I felt like eating a gallon of ice-cream and watching the Notebook… come on girls…we all do it.. I mean the guy is probably just a jerk, but its hard to not take things personal. Sad thing is… its kinda the 2nd time its happened to me. I mean what did I do? Or didn’t do? Last month I had a kid to ask me out , because his mom told him to go on a date. He brought me ice cream and left…. For real… It was cookie dough too… ( long story ) ….  I mean… considering my dating history ( July “ Boys sucks , dating sucks “) Im wondering what the heck happened. NOW don’t get me wrong, I’v had some AMAZING fun date, with some awesome people!  Even if they guy didn’t open the door! Hahahaha..haha..ha. It cant be all that hard can it? This whole dating thing? I dont think im too "stingy" In fact Iv had people to up my standards on guys...ya thanks a lot haha...  I don’t know why these things happen to me. I think my life is a fiction series… weird things happen … all the time. Ha! I guess this was just my rant about dumbness. Ha. Tomorrow is another day… and it will be okay…right? Im not all depressed about it... although I have a killer headache! Maybe this whole dating thing is God telling me to go on a mission hahaha I guess we will see!